The Original Agile Buddy Blog

You’ve landed on the old Agile Buddy blog you can view the new one on the homepage.

By the way did you know that this blog used to have over 100 articles before all of it got accidentally deleted, oops.

Most of it was on the topic of healthy eating as that’s what I’m passionate about.

I like to try and make good food that is healthy because often times healthy food doesn’t taste that nice.

Some times I combine healthy food with Phen375 and it helps me lose weight.

So I’ve just decided to start a new blog on the home page. It means that I’m going to have to rewrite a bunch of articles but that’s fine, it may just take a while.

Recently I started to really get into fitness as well which is something that I’ll be talking about soon. I like to keep fit because it helps clear my mind.

I find that whenever my brain is feeling foggy a good workout really helps to clear my mind and help me focus again.

So I’ve got a bunch of new articles planned about fitness.

And another thing I plan to talk about is meditation.

I’ve been meditating for 20 minutes per day for the last month and I am in love with it.

Every time I meditate I end up feeling refreshed and leave with a big smile on my face and the cool thing is that it’s easy to do.

I’ll tell you i lost weight with phenq too and you can read more about my meditation routine soon as well.

Anyway head on over to the new Agile Buddy blog now and I’ll post new content soon.